Caspian Renewable Energy, LLC

Caspian Renewable Energy, LLC, (previously operating as Caspian Energy Holdings – ‘CEH’) is a wholly owned subsidiary of Caspian Group Holdings, LLC, a Washington DC based international energy and economic development group of companies providing governments and multinationals long-term, tailor-made, diversification solutions through strategic partnerships and innovative thinking.

With a special focus on ‘distributed smart solar’ (DSS) technologies, Caspian Renewable Energy, LLC assists governments and State oil and gas companies to diversify their energy generation portfolios by introducing proven, cutting edge American technology companies in support of sustainable, long-term energy solutions.

As State and traditional energy companies alike seek to optimize and better manage their scarce and depleteable, carbon-based, energy resources, clean renewables are gaining foothold as the logical solution. Typically such solutions often come as the result of close collaboration between public and private sector stakeholders, driving to the forefront innovative solutions. One such example is a recent venture Caspian Renewable Energy, LLC (at the time CEH) assisted in making into reality: The Government of Bahrain, in May of 2012, announced project AWALI a 5 MW, smart solar distributed project, the first step in the Kingdoma��s long-term plan to meet up to ten percent of its national energy requirement — through clean, renewable energy solutions.